Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Music to my ears?

Picture taken of the Redford Township Connection

Music helps you use both the right and the left side of your brain. It also puts children in the right frame of mind to learn. As the article says exposure to music on a regular basis enhances the ability to think and process in three dimentions.
It is said to make the brain release serotonin which is calming, it aids sleep by releasing melatonin, and dopamine which when released boosts motor skills.
See, thats why I laugh when I hear that the music was the culprit behind anything.
At worst, the best complaint I've heard is the lyrics are bad for the children. But thier just words. Maybe if we didn't make such a big deal out of it, it wouldn't BE as big of a deal. I guess if everyone thought of words like I do, less people would get offended.
It's not like I've never got offended by certain words, but it has been years. All I'm saying is maybe we take things a little too seriously and need to calm down a bit. Now I'm getting off track. Music has gotten me through a lot of hard times and I think if anything, it's kept me sane(along with a couple beers).

My love is music, and I will continue to play and listen, untill I die.
That may be just a little extreme.

Extra note if you've checked out any of my google pages? I havn't had a chance untill now to work on them. Small problem that is now fixed, I apoligize.


m00nsh1ne said...

Hey thanks for checking out my clouds! Its nice to know someone else out there appreciates them as much as I do! :)

Paul said...

Definitely appreciated. I've got a few of my own. But yours are far superior.