Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Did today last forever or what?
That reminds me of something....Waking Up!
First of all, waking up early has never been appealing to me. In fact I can't stand it. As the saying goes "It's for the birds". I'am naturally a night person and in all ways have been. If I ever get the chance to work in the afternoon(and get paid well) I would take it. Because the nights are my playground, and I could be unstoppable. (In a sense of course.) I'm the type of person who hears the birds chirping and decides it's probably time to go to sleep, rather than to wake up.
Too many things are based around waking up early in the morning. I've heard too many times the assumption that people are lazy because they didn't wake up early. Implying something like that to me doesn't go over so well, if you can imagine. What they don't know is what time they might of went to sleep. They obviously were either tired, or just like to sleep, and whats wrong with that? Dosen't everyone in the world need sleep? I shouldn't really rip on those people because they don't know any better. My whole life has been based on waking up early. It started with school and continued from there.
Unfortunately I have a slight case of insomnia. Let me tell ya it's not a vacation. I say slight because I've never seen a doctor about it. But after this many years of trying different things to remedy it. I'm positive I have it. Maybe someday I'll see a doctor.
Okay I'm done. That was a lot to type in about 10 minutes of my mind spewing out on to the blog. Sleep well........


CarrieBradshaw said...

This was my personal rememedy for not being able to sleep. Don't sleep for a couple days at all. Like go out party all night don't go to bed, don't go home and shower and the next morning go out for breakfast with your friends and don't go home until after supper. When you get home you will be so tired you won't be able to do anything but sleep.

Paul said...

carriebradshaw-Thats an interesting idea. I have definately done something
similar to that many times. Right around a day and a half I start to get tired. But that does seem to work.
Thanks for the comment.