Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Made in......?

Nice looking paper weight, don't ya think?

Pretty Patriotic and religious"God Bless America". But I think you should look at the next picture.

Too bad it's Made In China!

Hundreds of thousands of flags I've seen are also made in china. How did it escalade into this? Into them making the only thing our country has to believe in. We're not even profitting off it, by having workers in our own country produce our own flag! Sad really.

Update:A nice lady pointed out I was not intirely correct. No offense to any other country.... I just thought the whole thing was odd. I just wish things were easy and simple to make the flags in our own country, and make them somehow cheap like China. Is that so hard to Imagine? Or to do? I really don't think so.
The question I have is, what do we make for other countries? Certainly not their flags I'm pretty sure.
She's in my comments and I tried to reply back as best as I could. Then I realized I did not explain myself very well in this particular post.
We all make mistakes.


Gattina said...

Hee, Hee, that's funny ! But you know chinese didn't do that for nothing, it's an american "patriote" who made the order because for a very understandable reason : Chinese are much cheaper than americans ! Business is business, even for patriots ! (we have the same in Europe)

Paul said...

Thats interesting. I did not know all
that. But I did know they didn't do it for nothing. It just seemed a little silly to me that the american flag is made somewhere else than it's origin.