Tuesday, August 08, 2006

By reading this blog, you might think I'm crazy,negative,humorous,or even irrational when or if you finish. But I'm sure of one thing, we are all a little bit of each one whether you like to believe it or not. Just keep an open mind to all the things that come to you in life and in this Blog.

Eventually I'll have something positve to say.

The littlest things get on my nerves!

Yep I'll admit it.

Today good ol' Burger King. What do they say in their ad/commercials? I believe its "Have it your way"(have you seen the stickers they have on their doors now).Anyways ordering two double cheese burgers, for my brother and my sister. I was very specific, one was a meal and the other just the burger, then the rest was what I wanted. They did give me one, but not the other. I walk back in and a worker gave me the "in a moment" finger with a head set on. He asked me if had been helped way after I was helped already. But back to the same lady that rang me up. Apparently the lady did not ring it up on the register. Of course she's not even going to consider that she could have made a mistake. So It sounded, and looked to her as if I was lying I'm sure, receipt or not. Right before me a lady had to come in with a burger that was wrong for her kid. Well lets just say she gave me a hard time. Obviously not a Burger King that is ran very well. So I paid for it and bit my tongue because I know how it is.
I worked at a Burger King myself. Not much has changed though I'll tell ya that.

The other day was referred to Target, from Office Depot for a audio cord on my computer. A guy that worked there at Target tried to help. I pretty much knew what I was looking for but I thought maybe he did know what he was talking about. So I took his advice on a cord he said would work. It didn't. So I took it back. No problem there though. It turns out they don't have what I'm looking for either. So Target is still okay in my book. Oh well. I feel better now that I got all that out.

Luckily I don't flip out.... Usually?(just kidding)


Manny said...

That happens at fast food places all the time. did you ask for the manager? you can still call corporate.

Do you ever watch "Mind of Mencia"? he dogged the Taco Bell employees once. LMAO

btw, I liked you hairy melons below. Have you caught my cucumber yet?

indiansfan said...

checked out Manny's blog and followed you here. Hope you don't mind. You know that the little things are what get to most of us. And Burger King people can be such pains. I love it when you order it "your way" and they give you that exasperated sigh. I want to just smack them but I usually get the old retired lady that looks like my mom! Thanks for sharing!!

Paul said...

manny-No, I didn't request a manager. It wasn't worth my time, even though I knew I could have caused a ruckus.
And No I havn't seen that particular Mind of Mencia, but it sounds funny.
Comedy Central is the best.

indiansfan-No, I absolutely don't mind at all that you followed. I'm glad you feel the same. A good smacking would of done her some good and it would have definately made me feel better. Thanks for the comment.