Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I've been around for over 27 years now, and there have been some things that I have noticed.(not based on this picture) For one I think my left ear, is a little lower than my right?
Another thing I noticed is, my left nostril drains more than the other. Not just when I'm sick. It's not like I have to blow out of the one side all the time. But my left sinus to my nose, seems to either work a little better, or the right side doesn't work as well? I'm not sure?
I noticed that my right eye is more dominant than the left. But that's not very uncommon. Last time I checked with the eye doctor I was 20/20. Although it's been 10 years! I've noticed that it has changed a little. I don't need glasses or anything. But the eye doctor did give me glasses, to help the headaches I used to get from reading. "Reading glasses." It seemed to me though, that it was affecting my eyesight, more than just helping out my headaches. Needless to say I stopped wearing them. So I'm glad to say I don't get the headaches anymore like they were at that time. It's very rare that I get them now.
My sister claimed while she was cutting my hair, that I have a couple grey hairs already. I believe her. I blame it on the stress. But I guess I'm supposed to think that's why I became the person I'am today.
But I thought I would go bald before I would go grey?
Oh well, another curve ball.

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