Friday, October 13, 2006

Welcome to it. I hope you enjoy!


I'm feeling it!
The weather around here in Michigan went from warm to cold way to quickly. Some would say "thats Michigan for ya".
And of course I would have to agree. Living here all my life I found out fast that it could be snowing one day and shorts weather the next.(Or at least close to it)
Last year was a mild winter and supposedly it will be worse this year. I hope not.
But, we'll see?
And it just so happens that I'm going to work outside this year.
Lucky me huh?


Tricia said...

Nice photos!

I just wanted to let you know that you must have some kind of script on your site that makes my Netscape browser close everytime your site loads. (netscape runs on Mozilla, but your site opens in firefox (my second browser preference). It might be affecting other browser so i just wanted to tell you.

Also ... google adsense made me remove my ads since I was using traffic engines ... read their toss, you could lose your account. Just trying to help.

Paul said...

Thank's. But I'm not exactly sure what a traffic engine or where they mention toss?
I do wonder what kind of script I have to mess it up for certain people like yourself?
I definitely need to fix that!

1Green Thumb said...

Sweet Pictures!

Paul said...

I fixed it, I think.
Thanks tricia.