Thursday, October 19, 2006

Every little thing that has happened to me lately, turned out to be more of a hassle rather than it all running smoothly. It all has to do with money.
Saying, "money is the root of all evil" would be going a little too far in my case.
But it sure does make things somewhat more difficult.
Earlier today though, just thinking about all the things that have happened. I began to crack a smile. For these type of things seem to happen to me quite often. But I always get through it somehow or another I always make it out somehow. What made me crack a smile is the things that do happen to me are crazy. Or they make me want to go crazy?
I just thought about it and realized that maybe, I tend to worry about things too much. I've always thought, I just have bad luck, until the good luck comes into play and wins the end.This is me in the picture above. Always missing something or someone?
Add a paint job.

For instance my car.
There was something wrong with it and now it's almost fixed. There's only one problem left with it. It leaks antifreeze now. Bad line, easy fix.
This sounds normal correct?

The thing is, it took me 3 to 4 months to get this far.
Many people looked at it to fix it.
One guy actually looked at it and he was a mechanic, who owned a fix it all shop.
While it was there the windshield and driver side window got smashed by someone.
The owner/mechanic didn't want anything to do with the car anymore.
He made me take it saying"I don't want to see this car here no more". Made me sign something saying I'll take it or it will get towed. He had it for a week. Still didn't get it running and wanted $200 because it sat there for a week and the work he put into it and a couple of parts that it did need though. Not the other things someone that worked for him put in new plugs and wires but they weren't supposed to.
I ended up paying $125. I felt ripped and so did he.

Towing it away itself with one of my brothers was an ordeal, the tow-strap broke. 50 feet down from where it was parked. On a side street by a liquor store, which when that happened, me and my brother Dave. Decided to push it into the parking lot of the liquor store. Until suddenly. Two vehicles pull up and the second person appeared to be following the one in front of them.
One of them recognized my car(from working on it) and knows one of my other brothers Steve(not the one that's with me). But I did know one of the guys older brother, weird. Anyways they get a chain to tow it just down the road where they were moving things into a new house they bought.
This guy Drew, about 19 years old has fixed my car in less than a week(the one that I knew his older brother).
So many people have looked at it and this guy gets it instantly telling me"I've never done what is actually wrong with it but I think I can fix it." Done.
I got a ticket though, for bad tags while it sat there for one day before he could get to it, and he even tried to talk the cop out of it. I don't even know this dude Drew. But he seems really cool. Chargin me $300 less than someone else, who supposedly knew what the problem was.
From one person to another it better be fixed now.
When I asked my brother who knows Drew said"Oh, him? He's the master!"
apparently he is, but I just hope the whole thing is over and done with!
Somehow I Doubt it.
But who knows?

That's barely even scraping the top of the way my life goes.
I guess there's one good thing about it.

It's never boring.....?

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Johnny Wadd said...

Wow, what a car nightmare scenario. Hope it works out for ya.