Monday, April 30, 2007

I can't even describe the feelings of frustration, anger, and aggravation.
For some it would seem frivolous or even stupid. But I think it's lack of freedom and we are losing it everyday. The dreaded seat belt ticket...
I realized at a traffic light I didn't have my seat belt on so I put it on. Well, it was at night and I found out quickly after, that a cop was behind me when he turned on his lights.
To top it off I didn't have my license.
I had just taken a shower and left it behind not thinking obviously.
Very rare to catch me without my license. "Very Rare." It just happened to be my night.
So I had to sit in the back of his police car giving him all my information.
The good thing is that I've had only one violation back in the year 2000. And that was a false accusation in it's self. He claimed I ran a red light while turning right, onto another street. It was definitely yellow!
That is the only one out of Twelve years of driving.
But they don't give you anything for being good?
I felt like saying to both of them "Why don't you go catch a real criminal!"

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Titania Starlight said...

I understand totally what you are saying. I lived in Las Vegas and just bought a new Mitsubishi Eclipse and I was on my way to work very early in the morning and a cop had to pull me over and give me grief. It was a chick and so also being a chick she had to play at being Ms. Bitch cop. She said I ran a light. Impossible since I arrived at a yellow and was sitting the whole way through the red. And you can never tell them they are wrong. Geesh. Of all the people in Vegas at 5 in the morning , why me! ?

Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog. :o)