Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Credit cards,bank accounts,insurance,Cars and so on.
I can't stand it anymore!

Movie Remakes are the worst?
Not just a movie we have seen, but when two movies that are similar to each other, come out at the same time?
Same idea... Bad timing.
One may be good, but even that is doubtful?

MUSIC RE makes!
One example "Whiskey in the Jar"
By Metallica
People have argued this?
But I think it's a horrible song!

"American idol"
I don't like at all, especially after the first season of idiots.

Every Drug Commercial
that has side affects, Irritates me bad.
I don't think the FDA is against us. But are they for us?

TV Shows
The one's that last more than one season.
Might as well make a Movie?


credit card ad said...

Well, hi... Talks on credit cards? I gotta say my plastic is my everything.. I just know how to manage it and my finances are quite ok so far. Do not blame credit card companies for charging you wrong, just take responsibility yourself.

credit card user in a fog said...

I can't understand if credit cards have something to do with this article

Paul said...

The problem I have with credit cards, has nothing to do with being able to manage them?
It's more along the lines of how they make money off of interest, security fees and so on...