Monday, November 27, 2006

Had to listen to the Detroit Red Wings on the Internet tonight. They did win. But what I really want to talk about, is why I had to listen to it on the Internet.
I guess the second package isn't good enough to see the Detroit Red Wings play. "Dish network" agreed that Dan(my brother in law), would be able to get the Red Wings games when he first signed up. Dan was originally told that FSN(FOX Sports Net) was includeed in the FIRST pakage. They came out and installed the dish left and it was then that everyone realized that FSN was not included in the FIRST package. So Dan had to call Dish Network up that day and upgrade to the second package as he was lied to by the company when they gave their "sales pitch" over the phone.
Last year some of the games played on Outdoor Living Network(O.L.N.)
Now their playing on "VERSUS" instead of OLN.
In both cases Dan nor I get "OLN" or "VERSUS"
So we could not view the games that everyone enjoys watching.
I would think this would upset some of you? When you pay a little more money for something, and not get what you ultimately wanted to begin with.

Watch yourself...and others?

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