Thursday, September 14, 2006

I took this Quiz that is 13 questions long. I'm curious to find out how you might do on this quiz if you want to take it. It dosen't take long. It's just fill in the blanks by clicking on an answer.
Check it out.

If your not scared?

I'm kidding of course!
Here it is below.
Although Quiz


coacharob said...

12 out of 13

Paul said...

12 out of 13 isn't bad.

But I wonder, how do you get your girl in the picture to move like that?

You may email me at
Or just comment. It might be easier.

1Green Thumb said...

12 out of 13 for me as well.... not too bad!

CarrieBradshaw said...


Anonymous said...

84.62 %, or 11 out of 13...i always hated grammar, despite the fact that i love to write....

Anonymous said...

wait a minute- he never tells us what HIS score was!


Anonymous said...

ok, admittedly my third comment but this is something COMPLETELY different! i've featured this post in my blog,

please feel free to comment and talk more about your blog, or whatever comes to mind.

of course if you would rather not be featured i will remove the post immediately.